Kidder Media

“The postcards produced by Kidder Media promoting our schools receive overwhelmingly positive feedback for the community. Since we began mailing them, over 14 families from bordering districts have enrolled their students at Tri-County. After seeing one of our postcards, a patron was moved to call and ask how she could help. She has since committed to funding a college savings account in the amount of $150 for every kindergarten student who enrolls at Tri-County over the next five years. This huge blessing happened thanks to our partnership with Kidder Media and the positive light they shine on our students and schools.” Dr. Kathy Goad, Superintendent of Tri-County Schools

“I like getting the newsletter out to our community because communication is very important to us. But time is an issue. Quite frankly, I have a lot of other responsibilities. So that’s why my staff and I really appreciate the service Kidder offers. They do a great job telling our story while taking very little of our time. Kidder has really got something here!”
Robert Fields, Superintendent
Frankton-Lapel Community School Corp.
Anderson, IN

“In Ohio, tax levies are an issue as schools must have a majority vote in the community in order to receive better or adequate funding. One of the first projects we did with Kidder was prior to a levy. We were the only school district in the entire area that had a levy pass that time. We also enjoy the benefit of a positive message being sent out to our community. We are very pleased with the product and service that Kidder provides.”
Joe Donatone, Superintendent
Ashtabula Area City Schools
Ashtabula, OH

“We have never done anything like this (Kidder School Newsletter). We receive positive comments from parents and community members all the time, and we really like the fact that it takes very little effort on our part.”
Dr. Rudy Williams, Superintendent
Community Consolidated Schools
District #168